Frequently Asked Questions

– How long do I roast a chicken for?

See our Cooking Guidelines Page

– How much mince should I buy to make a shepherd’s pie for 4?

See our Quantity Guidance Page

– Where should I store meat products in the fridge?

Raw meat products should always be stored in the bottom of the fridge. Cooked meat products should be stored above meat products.

– Should I wash meat before I cook it?

No. Cooking meat to the correct temperature, which is a minimum of 72 degrees Celsius, will kill any bacteria.

– How long can I keep fresh meat in the fridge?

Poultry – no more than 2 days

Other meats – 3-4 days

Products such as sausages and bacon may be kept longer as they contain some preservatives. (No more than 6 days).

– How long can I keep frozen products in the freezer?

The products will not deteriorate in the freezer but as a recommendation, we suggest you eat the product between 1-3 months after freezing.

– How should I defrost meat?

The perfect way is to defrost it in your fridge as it is a temperature controlled environment.

– How long can I keep pastry products in the fridge before freezing/cooking?

We suggest no more than 2 days.

– Can I reheat cooked meat products?

You can, as long as you ensure the core temperature of the  product is at least 72 degrees Celsius.