Meat Cuts

o   Beef

  • Meat preparation is almost like meat husbandry, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality beef available and maturing it for a minimum of 21 days to ensure the texture, flavour and quality of the meat is the best it can be.

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o  Chicken

  • All our chickens are sourced from Red Tractor approved farms to ensure the welfare of the birds is of a very high standard.

chicken 1

o   Pork

  • Our free-range pork comes from farms in Hampshire. They are processed very near to our shop so it’s not far at all from field to fork.

pork 1

o   Lamb

  • We buy our lamb from London’s Smithfield Market as my supplier there buys the best available lamb whether it be English or Welsh so as to guarantee the best quality meat.

meat 2

o   Deli

  • Our deli counter is filled with a fine selection of cheeses, pate, pies and home cooked meat such as ham, roast beef and turkey. We also sell parma ham, black pudding, white pudding and our famous homemade coleslaw.


o   Seasonal Products

  • BBQ
    • At this time of year, our selection of home-produced barbeque products is vast. We sell a variety of marinated kebabs, ribs, steaks and chops as well as our delicious choice of homemade sausages.